When Covid-19 hit the shores of the UK, Adam (founder) was working as a personal trainer in a local gym. Due to the national lockdown which was put in place by the government, all gyms were to close as a result of keeping the public safe from the spread of the virus. Adam went from working long hours in the gym, serving up to 20 people a week, and carrying out HIIT and Boxfit classes, to being stuck at home with no work.


He decided to set up an online coaching platform to continue helping others with their health and fitness. This was the first introduction of Body Power Mind.

He created a membership based platform where members would benefit from live Facebook workouts and monthly recipes. It started off well.

However, Adam soon realised the damage that Covid-19 was doing to peoples lives. It was impacting mental health dramatically, and many were furloughed from their jobs, or even being cut completely. These distressing scenes made Adam remove the membership fee and put BPM out for free.

That's when he introduced two new team members to help more with wellbeing, Kirsty Martuccio (co-founder) and Ruth Dive.

As a team, they continued to do live workouts and videos every week for around 2 months. After that, due to personal adversities, Adam was forced to make the decision to stop BPM.

A few months later, Adam was back on track and determined to create an online platform which not only helped people, but changed peoples lives. He knew how beneficial exercise and fitness was, as it helped him achieve so much in his life. His passion is to help others, and that's exactly what BPM is there to do.

Now, with help from Kirsty, they have developed a platform and a structure to make fitness training and Yoga not only accessible, but effective. Both Adam and Kirsty are highly passionate and qualified in mindset and mental wellbeing subjects too. So if you want a full lifestyle change, BPM is for you.

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We all know the importance of exercise, but how do we find effective workouts that get us results? and not only that, but how do we make exercise sustainable for the future? How do we make it a part of our lifestyle? This is where BPM comes in...

Exercise does not have to be complicated, difficult or boring. In fact, it can be the complete opposite. It can be simple, effective, and fun. That's what we strive to achieve at BPM for you. We want you to keep training and working on yourself as a daily practice, focusing on the small wins each week. Exercise is all about consistency and following on with a healthy diet. 

Our fitness department is managed by BPM founder, Adam.


Throughout recent years, Yoga has become incredibly popular throughout the world due to the many benefits it poses on the mind and body. It allows us to focus on grounding and to bring awareness to our body, which can be hugely beneficial in the digital age that we live in today.

Yoga is not only a brilliant practice for developing balance, strength and flexibility, but also preventing injury such as weak lower backs, sciatica, and neck pain. This is why Yoga is a staple in the BPM lifestyle.

Our Yoga department is managed by BPM co-founder, Kirsty.




Here is the underlying pinnacle of BPM and everything that we stand for.

Each week Adam and Kirsty bring you 'LIFE CLASS' which is a live video discussing various and important principles to live a healthy and successful lifestyle.


Many areas are covered in these informative videos such as mindset, diets, goal setting, meditation, and discipline.


You can also tune in live and ask your questions on the topic in hand. 




Level 3 personal trainer
Level 4 cert diploma nutrition
NLP practitioner

Adam is the driving force behind BPM's fitness and nutrition department. He originally set up BPM to help those wanting a better lifestyle through improved fitness and nutrition.

His passion to help others stemmed from his own journey of poor physical and mental health, to strength and empowerment. Adam lived a poor lifestyle when he was younger, essentially "living for the weekend" which involved excessive amounts of alcohol and a terrible diet to say the least.

After struggling with his mental health and suffering bouts of anxiety and panic attacks, Adam decided to change his life for the better. He started martial arts which inevitably led to a passion for fitness. This passion grew into a career of personal training and helping others.

After getting his qualifications in personal training and nutrition, Adam completed his NLP practitioner course to have the ability to help people in all areas; fitness, nutrition and mindset.

In his spare time, he enjoys paddle boarding around North Wales, playing music, and getting out in nature.




RYT500 mixed Yoga and Yoga therapy teacher with extra hours in:
Meditation (60hrs)
Yin Yoga (60hrs)
Yoga Nidra for mental health (CPD)


Kirsty is BPM's head Yogi and meditation teacher. Her journey into Yoga started in 2012 when she felt herself losing control of her life. She was in need of a major shift in direction, and that's exactly what Yoga did for her.

Kirsty initially started practicing Yoga, not necessarily for the physical postures and flexibility, but more for the calm, the still, and the opportunity to look deep within which she knew Yoga could facilitate. This fuelled a passion to explore and play with movements, challenge herself, and gain a better breath to body connection.

Realising that Yoga was more than just a one off practice, she integrated Yoga into her everyday life, off the mat as well as on the mat.

Kirsty believes that Yoga is a continuous journey of self enquiry that everyone should have the opportunity to empower.

Yoga holds something for everyone. It's an integrated mind, body and soul approach to life that all can benefit from.

In her spare time you will find Kirsty up a mountain with her dog, lake swimming, and just being out in nature as much as possible.